My “Titania”

A little while back, I got the chance to have one of my best friends work with me in helping showcase my first attempts at a floral crown. Combined¬†with a mix of Ranunculus, Garden Roses, Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, and some crafty workmanship, I managed to pull this piece together! It’s quite beautiful, I must say. There’s a chance you’ll be seeing some more of these in the future.


I call this one, “Titania”. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


Alongside with the floral crown, I accompanied her with a bouquet.


I incorporated a few strands of Sweet Pea Vines to add a whimsical element to the bouquet as well as lace ribbons for a touch of elegance.




Thanks again to my beautiful friend for being such a doll to work with. I appreciate you!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Come back again soon for my next installment!

Yours truly,