Yellow Mellow


Why is Lannetus’ logo yellow? Yellow makes me optimistic, inspired, motivated, and most of all… loved. Yellow brightens up my day and brings warmth from within. That was the main inspiration to this bouquet presented by my beautiful friend, Khanh.


Just the color yellow makes me smile.


The floral crown was made up of yellow Ranunculus and Daisies and was held together by Italian Ruscus Vines.


Succulent plants were brought into the making of this because it brings a rustic element into a lively bouquet. Because yellow is such a lively shine, I thought the succulents would bring the perfect balance. Incorporated with yellow Billy Buttons, mixed greens, and wrapped with burlap twine, this bouquet was a lot fun to put together.


I couldn’t have chosen a better model to present this bouquet as Khanh is radiant and joyful just as yellow represents. Special thank you to Ronan Ragasa Photography for capturing these amazing photos of Khanh and my Yellow Mellow!

Until then, “Follow your yellow brick road… and be happy!”

Check back again soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Yours truly,